9 clever ways to honor deceased loved ones at weddings.

9 Clever Memorial Ideas To Honor Deceased Loved Ones At Weddings

One of the hardest things about grieving is living major life events without your loved ones.

Just day to day coping is hard enough, but then you have weddings, babies, graduations, & everything in between.

I’ve been there. For both of my pregnancies, all I wanted was my mom. And for my wedding I was a complete wreck with wanting my mother to be there to help me pick a gown. Or for my grandma to tell me which flowers looked best together.

I wanted a way to bring them into the wedding even though they couldn’t be there.

I scoured the internet, I combed through Pinterest & wedding magazines & experts to give you 9 of the best ways to honor deceased loved ones at your wedding.

Add Mementos To Bouquet

This one is mainly for the bride. Adding mementos to your bouquet is a great way to honor your loved one. You can any of these to the wrap of your bouquet or even within it.

  • Photos
  • Messages
  • Jewelry

Reserve A Seat

During the wedding ceremony reserve a special seat for your loved one. You can place a picture of them in the chair.

Have A Memorial Table

Either during the reception or the ceremony you can dedicate a special table just to memorials. To the table, you can add:

  • Flowers
  • Pictures
  • Name cards
  • Candles
Discover 9 wedding memorial ideas.

Light A Candle

You can have light candles on a table somewhere in your ceremony or reception space.

Give Favors In Their Honor

For your wedding favors you can give something special to your guests that would be in honor of your deceased loved ones.

For example, it could be a donation to St. Jude if your loved one was a child. Or even to the Make A Wish foundation.

Mention Them In A Toast

At the reception dedicate a special toast in honor of the deceased.

Have A Special Note In The Program

Write a special note in the ceremony program dedicated to your lost loved ones. The message can be read aloud or left for your guests to read on their own.

Include A Moment Of Silence

During the ceremony have a brief moment of silence. This moment can be after a special note or message is read.

Read Their Favorite Poem Or Scripture

During the service you can have a favorite passage of your loved one read during the ceremony. You can even make it more memorable by having someone who was also close to the deceased read it. For instance. If your grandfather had passed away then your grandmother could read his favorite poem.

Whichever way that you decide to include your deceased loved one in your ceremony the choice is yours. Remember, they are with you in every step that you take & in every new memory.

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9 beautiful ways that you can remember your deceased loved one at a wedding.