9 Stunning Watercolor Project Ideas.
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9 Beautiful & Simple Watercolor Projects

One of my absolute favorite art therapy activities is Watercolor painting. It takes a bit of practice but it’s an imperfect, perfect type of painting.

With some practice with techniques & tips you can’t go wrong. And you’ll be left with art that you can either keep for yourself or hang in your home.

These projects are a great way to creatively cope with grief, anxiety, or stress. Even better, you can use these watercolor projects as a part of your self care routine.

So let’s get started with everything that you need to know about watercolor art & projects.

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The Best Watercolor Supplies

Before you start anything, you need the right supplies. You can’t start a watercolor project with just a kid’s paint set. (I’ve made that mistake).

Get started with just a few essentials such as,

After you get more comfortable with your techniques then you can branch out into more supplies.

These projects ideas are fun & simple to do. They are also great for prompts in an art journal.

8 beautiful watercolor projects.

Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor flowers are beautiful in their simplicity. This tutorial on watercolor flowers by Lolly Jane is awesome. It walks you through painting roses, poppies, leaves, berries, & more.

Watercolor Leaves

The important thing to remember about leaves is that they are random & like snowflakes, no leaf is the same. Don’t focus too much on making them perfect. Simple strokes of the brush will make great leaves.

Simply play with your color mixes of green & tan.

You can also use a paint pen to draw stems & flower parts once the paint has dried.

The best watercolor projects for beginners

Watercolor Ice Cream Cones

These cones are cute, fun, & easy to make. With just the practice of a few simple shapes & brush strokes you can have a fun picture to add to your kitchen. You can find the full tutorial from Lines Across here.

The best watercolor projects for beginners.

Watercolor Galaxy

I was a bit intimidated when I first saw watercolor galaxies. But I can honestly say they were easier to do than I expected. This tutorial by Instruck is amazing.

9 Beautiful & fun watercolor projects.

Watercolor Linen

When I saw these linens I had a complete “I need it moment”. Not only are they simple to do but it’ll give your home or event a big wow factor. Check out the tutorial from Brit & Co here.

9 amazing watercolor ideas.

Watercolor Silhouettes

These animal silhouettes by Pretty Prudent are fun to make. Using a cut out & watercolors you can make just about any animal or shape that you want.

8 amazing watercolor art ideas.

Rubbing Alcohol & Watercolor

For a cool tie-dye effect simply add rubbing alcohol to your artwork.

After you’ve painted your picture, use a cotton ball or swab to add the alcohol.

Canvas Art

This is canvas project that you can’t mess up. Seriously, you can’t. Marybeth from Lifestyle For Real even mentioned in her tutorial that she went wrong & you can’t even tell! I actually like her “messup” even better than what it was supposed to turn out like. Check out her phenomenal tutorial on how to easily make watercolor canvas art.

One of the things that I love most about this project is that you only have to use 4 items to make these prints. All of which you either already have in a drawer somewhere or you can order your supplies from Amazon.

It doesn’t get much easier than that. This wall art is so easy to create that you can make new ones to fit every season of the year!

Salt & Watercolor

All you need for this project is

  • watercolor paint
  • a paint brush
  • water
  • table salt (yes table salt)

The results for this project will give you a very textured “sandy” look.

To begin you will need to paint an heavy saturated pictured. Then top it with the salt.

Let it dry, preferably overnight.

Once dry scrape off all of the salt.

The best watercolor ideas for beginners.

Raised Salt Art

This raised salt artwork by The Artful Parent is stunning. All you need is glue, watercolor, & more table salt.

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The best watercolor project ideas for beginners.