Are you coping with your grief through a grief journal?

Are You Grieving Through A Grief Journal?

Have you ever had the feeling that you were like volcano? That at any moment everything you were feeling inside would burst out & you wouldn’t know the outcome?

I surely have. I’ve dealt with so many losses in my life that at 1 point I didn’t know how to handle it.

And I did in fact boil over.

Ultimately I uncovered that I wasn’t truly moving forward at all. I was at a standstill. Just bottling it all up & my mind desperately needed an outlet.

Then I discovered that when I would just write & sometimes doodle I would feel better. I began to understand more & more about what I was going through.

I didn’t know that it had a name back then. Now, I know it as a grief journal.

Discover the benefits of using a grief journal.

What Is A Grief Journal?

In essence a grief journal, or bereavement journal, is a notebook that you dedicate specifically to your grieving process.

It’s sometimes hard to be able to verbally express yourself. Journaling will help you get your thoughts & feelings out. Without the worry of someone else’s opinions on your feelings.

Benefits Of Grief Journals

Uncover Emotions

Slowing down & putting your thoughts into words may make you aware of emotions that you didn’t realize you were having.

Reflecting on those emotions & what you’ve written will in turn will allow you to truly cope. 

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Brain Dump

As soon as you start writing you may not want to stop. All of a sudden all kinds of thoughts & feelings will start to come out. You can literally dump it all out on paper & give your mind some clarity.

Getting your thoughts on paper in order to cope.

Gain A New Perspective

Getting it all out allows you to look at a situation from the outside. You already know that your grieving but can you see how it’s affecting you?

Health Benefits

Grief literally takes a physical toll on your body.

But taking 15 minutes a day to dump all of your emotions out, in essence will help cleanse your mind.

Which is terrific for your health. Leading you to reduce your stress & anxiety levels. Which then leads you to be able to sleep better.

What you get at the end of your journal is a powerful journey of someone who has overcome.

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How to use a grief journal to cope with grief & loss.



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