How to decide on the best grief journal for you.

How To Choose The Right Grief Journal For You

You’ve decided to start grief journaling. So you jump on Amazon & type in “grief journal”, only to be overwhelmed by the staggering 915 results.

Seriously, even I was blown away.

And honestly, when I started learning about grief journaling & looked into them I had no idea what I was really looking at.

Which resulted in my wasted books that turned into random scrap paper for the kids to draw on.

Let’s break it down so that you can avoid buying pointless books. And, truly know what in the world you’re looking act.

Types Of Grief Journals

Grief journals can be broken down into a million different categories. But for your sanity we’ll keep it simple.

Using blank journals to cope with loss.

Blank Journals

Think of these as memory scrapbooks.

The journals are filled with blank pages that you can do anything with.


  • Drawing pictures
  • Doodling
  • Inserting pictures
  • Inserting mementos

These open journals could also be used as an open letter. Just write to them as if you were sending them a letter. Tell them:

  • What you did that week
  • What you wish you could still say
  • What you’re doing to move on
  • Tell them what you miss the most about them

Use it however YOU see fit. Remember, it’s a judgement free zone & it’s for your eyes only.

Prompt Journals

The purpose of prompt journals is to give you specific topics to write on.

Example topics are:

  • What I wish I could still say to you…
  • Everyday memories…
  • Today I remembered…
  • My support system is…
  • I’m going to be okay because…
  • My favorite quote that sums you up…


A workbook journal is designed as a combo of prompts & information about grief. Sometimes they will also include quotes.

Each section begins with a prompt that will have you write on. Then follows with either coping skills or a reflection based analysis.

Using a grief journal to cope with loss.

Digital Grief Journal

Sometimes writing in a book just isn’t the way to go. You can try keeping a digital journal on your computer.

Pop open a word document & just start typing.

You can even use Google Docs, that way you can write whenever & wherever the mood strikes.

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How To Choose The Best Grief Journal

In order to buy the best grief journal for you, you must 1st answer some questions.

  • Do you want to write or draw?
  • Do you want to record memories or just express your feelings?
  • Do you want writing prompts or just to write whatever comes to mind?
  • Do you want a journal that’s also a workbook?
  • How big to you want the book to be? Wallet size? Binder size?

Whichever way that you decide to journal, or even if you don’t, remember that you never really get over grief. You simply learn to live your new life.

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How to choose the grief journal that's best for you.

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