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Brit & Co: The Top 3 Reasons They’re The Best At Online Creative Courses

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One of the questions I get asked a lot is where in the world I learn some of my art techniques.

I’m always dabbling in something. Especially on the days when I need a pick me up.

Although I want to take the credit & say that I’m a creative genius I can’t. I can admit to putting my own spin on a lot of various techniques though. 

My main source of learning new art techniques & creative coping inspiration is from Brit & Co.

Why Brit & Co when there are hundreds of others site on the web that teach the same thing?

Well to be honest, you can’t learn everything from YouTube & that was my old go to.

But there are 3 main reasons that I keep going back.

Reason 1: Pricing

The pricing for Brit & Co is very budget friendly. I’m an extremely frugal person at heart. And that’s putting it mildly.

But the courses range from free to $39. That’s a steal for all of the information & instruction that each video packs in.

Reason 2: Instructions

At first, I thought I would be watching a YouTube type video.

You know the ones where the person talks for 2 minutes in the beginning & then fast forwards through the entire project.

But this isn’t like that. Each course has a knowledgeable instructor who truly walks you through how to do each task.

Plus you get access to a printable workbook! This is essential especially if you need to reference something but can’t hop back into a computer.

Reason 3: Timing

If you’re anything like me, your time is extremely valuable.

You don’t have the time to sit around all day watching instructional videos.

All of the courses can be completed in 4 hours or less.

I say 4 hours because I like to stop & try it while I watch the video. And of course to account for other distractions.

But most of the videos total to under 2 ½ hours.

Below I’ve done a roundup of some of my absolute favorite courses from Brit & Co. There’s also a few others in there that I have on my must do this summer list.

Online Course Tips

Before you jump into a purchasing frenzy here are some tips to taking online courses.

  • Browse before purchase. Before you think that looks interesting & buy it, make sure you look at all of your options.
  • Be sure that you’re actually going to use it.
  • Gather your supplies. Once you’ve decided on a course look at the supply list that they give you & father everything up. You can get your supplies from any craft store or order from Amazon.

I tend to always go the Amazon route. Especially because of Prime. 2 day free shipping right to your front door.

Especially since it doesn’t require having to navigate your way through the aisles of 100’s of supplies.

Brit & Co Creative Online Courses

In The Kitchen

Cake Baking

Cake Decorating

Cookie Decorating

Jam Making

Beer Brewing



Line Drawing

Character Illustration


Acrylic Painting


Chalk Art

Floral Art

Nail Art

Hands-On Crafting







Jewelry Making & Metalworking

Leather Working

Succulent Gardening

Flower Arranging

Concrete Designs

This list is truly endless of the number of classes that they continually offer. I got so excited writing this list that I just purchased another one!

Sometimes the best inspiration you can get is in the form of a creative pick me up.

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