62 art journal ideas to get you started.
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62 Inspiring Art Journal Prompts To Get You Started

I’ve been there, excited to start my art journal & then have no idea where to begin.

Or maybe you’ve been on a roll & filling up your journal but need a bit more creative inspiration to keep going.

The following prompts are designed to give you that extra boost or direction when you need it.

You can write, draw, or paint any of these prompts.

Read through them & choose the one that stands out to you.

Spice up your fun, pick a number between 1 & 62. Scroll through & do the activity that matches your number.

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62 Art Journal Prompts

  1. Sit outside & take in your surroundings. Then draw what you see.
  2. Find an object in your house & draw it without looking at your paper.
  3. Draw a scene from your favorite book.
  4. Introduce yourself. Draw your likes, dislikes, & favorite things.
  5. Draw a self portrait.
  6. Write down a self affirmation & create a design around it.
  7. Cut some imagines out of a magazine & create a portrait of who you are.
  8. Cut words from old newspapers & magazines. Make a collage of words that fit your life.
  9. Think about if you could anything that you wanted for 1 day, draw it.
  10. Picture yourself as an animal, draw it.
  11. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes. Close your eyes & draw. Don’t stop until the timer goes off.
  12. Draw a heartbreak you’ve experienced.
  13. Illustrate something that makes you angry.
  14. Create a collage of everything that makes you happy.
  15. Pick 3 shapes. Create an image using only those shapes.
  16. Listen to a random song. Illustrate how it makes you feel.
  17. If you go to the past what moment would you visit? Draw it.
  18. Journal about things that make you laugh.
  19. Draw yourself into an extravagant outfit.
  20. Create a map to where you want to be in life.
  21. Illustrate 5 things that you are grateful for.
  22. Compliment yourself then illustrate it.
  23. Create an image of something that inspires you.
  24. Think about what giving means to you & then illustrate it. Over 50 art journal prompt ideas.
  25. Paint your definition of paradise.
  26. Draw a secret that you have.
  27. When you wake up, write down the dream that you had the previous night. Recreate it on paper.
  28. Journal about a close friendship that you have.
  29. Create an image of the sky.
  30. What are you curious about? Draw it out.
  31. Come up with a dare that you done before. Journal about it.
  32. Picture yourself in a mystery. Draw your character.
  33. Make a pattern out of only spirals.
  34. Think about how you’ve grown lately. Illustrate it.
  35. What’s your motivation? Journal on it.
  36. Journal about your favorite scene from movie or book.
  37. Illustrate a star constellation. You can create your own.
  38. Pick your favorite childhood memory. Recreate the image
  39. Draw your life as a cartoon.
  40. Think about your health, create an image of it.
  41. Journal about the ocean.
  42. If you were a mythological creature, what would you be? Draw it out.
  43. Paint a picture of a flower.
  44. What completes you?
  45. Detail an adventure you’d like to go on.
  46. Reflect on a challenge that you faced.
  47. Draw your favorite meal.
  48. Throwback to a different era. Draw yourself then.
  49. Imagine what you want your future to be & illustrate it.
  50. Draw an open locket. What picture would be inside?
  51. Journal about something that gives you hope.
  52. What are you shy about?
  53. Think about the biggest surprise, good or bad, you’ve ever had. Create an image about it.
  54. What is your biggest fear?
  55. Detail your current mood.
  56. Doodle all over a page.
  57. Draw your favorite type of weather.
  58. Go for a walk & collect items to use such as leaves.
  59. Use an old photo to create something with.
  60. Handletter an inspirational word.
  61. Describe your dream vacation.
  62. Paint your favorite holiday.

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62 art journal prompts to get you started.