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32 At Home Art Therapy Activities

Let’s take the time to get a message for our minds. That sounds crazy right?

What I mean, is let’s talk about some art therapy activities that you can do right at home.

Why Should I Try Art Therapy?

I have to be completely honest with you. Art therapy is an amazing way to cope with life & grief.

It helps you to unlock your creative side, release emotions, de-stress, & so much more.

Art therapy is also amazingly beneficial to children. It’s often hard for children to be able to express themselves especially while they are dealing with grief.

All of the activity ideas below are great for both adults & children.

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Keep in mind that while you’re doing these activities try not to think about what you’re doing. Just feel.

32 fun art therapy ideas to get you started.

Decorate Cookies

This is simple & yummy art activity. Decorate some cookies. You can pick anything theme or style that you want. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can also decorate a cake.

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

This activity is great especially during the holidays. Get creative & use butcher paper, crayons, toys, foil, whatever you desire to make wrapping paper.

Create A Picture Frame

Find one of your favorite pictures & create a photo frame for it. You can buy a frame, re-purpose an old one, or even make one from random supplies.

However you decide to do it, be sure that it stands out to you & represents you & the picture.

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Design A Postcard That You’ll Never Send

Unlock some emotions by creating a postcard for someone that you will never send. It could be addressed to a co-worker, a loss loved one, a pet, or even a stranger on the street. Vent what you need to say but do so through your art on one side & a message on the back.

Remember that you won’t ever actually send this postcard.

32 activities for art therapy that you can do at home.

Create A Self Portrait

This one is pretty simple. You just need to create a self portrait of yourself. What do you notice?

You can just draw it or you can make it unique by:

  • tracing yourself in a mirror & then adding to it
  • creating yourself through a collage of magazine cutouts
  • taking a photo of yourself
  • use a paper bag to draw yourself & then fill it with items that represent you


Use any type of clay, or even play dough, to sculpt your family. If you don’t want to sculpt actual people, sculpt what family means to you.

Write A Message On A Balloon

Find a balloon & then blow it up. Now, use a permanent marker to write a message on it. It can be a message to anyone or anything or even just something that you need to vent.

When you’re done, just release the balloon. You can pop it, let the air out, or just let it float away.

*If you decide to let it float away then you need to make sure that the balloon is biodegradable.

Paint To Music

For this activity you only need music & whichever medium that you’ve decided to use. Block out all other distractions, set a timer, & turn on some music.

Create, create, & create until your time is up without stopping.

Close Your Eyes & Draw

Did you know that you one of your senses is blocked that you other ones become heightened?

This activity involves you cutting off your sense of sight.

Take out a pen & paper & just draw. Don’t stop or worry about what you’re drawing. Just keep going. When you’re done take a look at what has been revealed to you.

Art therapy activities that you can do yourself.

Draw In Sand

Pour some sand onto a tray, paper, or even a shoe box.

You can use anything from a straw to a fork to a stick to make your designs in the sand. The best part is that you can start over by simply shaking it.

Draw With Glue

Grab some paper & glue.

Once you have that make a design with the glue. It doesn’t have to be anything particular.

Once you’re done you can leave it or top with things like glitter, sand, or even color rice.

Build A Birdhouse

This particular activity can be done 1 of 2 ways.

For the 1st way, you can simply buy a birdhouse that’s already put together & then just decorate it.

The 2nd way is to make your own birdhouse from scratch. You can make the basic wood birdhouse or you can get creative & make them from empty soda bottles, wine corks, or flower pots.

Draw Your Happiest Memory

Think of one of your happiest memories & draw it out.

Sketch Yourself As An Animal

Have you ever thought about what type of animal that you could be? This is your chance to create yourself as any type of animal or even make your own hybrid.

Make Art Out Of Recyclables

Gather up some recyclables that you have around the house & create something new. You can just about anything like:

  • Bottle tops
  • Bottles
  • Tissue paper
  • Gift bags
  • Greeting cards
  • Cans
  • Shoe boxes

Sketch A Picture Of Your Dreams

Dreams are our mind’s way of processing. Draw what you dream about. You’ll be surprised at what you may find.

Alter Magazine Photos

Open up & magazine & choose a page that stands out to you. Now use paint, markers, or a pen & alter the picture

32 easy activities for art therapy

Make A Photo Collage

Using whatever pictures that you choose create a collage. You can give the collage a theme such as birthdays or vacation. Or you can create a picture collage in a shape such as a heart or a star.

Make A Foil Sculpture

Ball up pieces of aluminum foil & then make a sculpture from the balls.

Decorate Plates 

In this activity you can use old plates & glasses that you already have or purchase new ones. Simply take paint or permanent markers & design your own plates & cups.

Create Pottery

Get your hands messy by creating with clay. You can make basics such as vases or bowls. Or you can just let your creativity flow & see what you come up with.

Make a quotes collage. Find quotes that have meaning or inspiration to you. Then create a collage of them all.

Make A Quotes Collage

Find quotes that have meaning or inspiration to you. Then create a collage of them all.

Splatter Painting

This project is a bit messy & should be done outside or in a covered area.

You’ll need something to paint (ie canvas, paper, or wood) & paint & a paint brush.

Dip your paintbrush in the paint & then splat your paper. Keep going until it’s covered.

Create A Nature Collage

Take a walk outside. Collect anything that stands out to you like:

  • Leaves
  • Rocks
  • Branches
  • Grass

Then put all of that together into a collage

Paint A Mural

Find a large area or paper where you can paint a mural. You can do this by yourself or bond with others & create it as a group.

32 art therapy activities for both adults & children.

Play With Play-Doh

This activity is especially great for both adults & kids. All you have to do is play with Play-Doh.

Get your hands messy & create anything from food to people to abstract.

Make A T-Shirt

Making a t-shirt doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may sound. You can simply draw on your shirt with permanent marker or fabric paint. Or look in a craft store for inspiration & supplies.

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Paint A Window

Let your feelings shine through. Literally. Use window paint to create a work of art.

Create With Shapes

This activity is a bit abstract. Using only shapes, create an art piece of your choice. You can cut out shapes or use shapes you can find around the house.

Draw Temporary Tattoos

Have you thought about getting a tattoo but not sure if it’s right? Try drawing a temporary tattoo with gel pens. Even if you don’t want a tattoo. This is a fun expressive exercise.

Make A Digital Collage

You can do art on a computer too. Hop on your computer & design a collage of your choice.

Draw A Quote

Take a quote of your choice & turn it into a work of art.

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